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Frequently asked questions

The debtors are listed after 21 days of notification that they were handed over for non-payment of school fees, if no payment is received.

The legal process starts 90 after being handed over.

No, we don’t bring the school’s name into disrepute. We understand that the school still needs to maintain a relationship with the parents and the learners.

Yes, when registering  the learner into the school, the parent signs the enrolment form where the school notifies the parent that the school will hand parents over to the school’s Agent for collection of outstanding fees in the event of a arrear accounts.

CeeBee uses the parent information for the sole purpose of collecting the arrear school fees.

No, In duplum forms part of South-African law, it means double the amount. Interest will cease once the interest is equal to the arrear capital amount.

Yes, school fees prescribe after three years.

No, only two actions break prescription, a payment and a summons.

The Magistrates of the civil court do not accept an Acknowledgement of Debt.

The Magistrate requires 5 documents in order to grant a judgement.

  1. Resolution of the school’s AGM, reflecting what the school fees are for the relevant year;
  2. Enrolment form;
  3. Annexure A;
  4. Statement;
  5. Proof that the school sent the Section 41 letter