Our Services

School Fee

Arrears Collection

  • Our school clients comprise of ISASA schools, public primary and high schools, as well as special-needs schools.
  • Our Memorandum of Agreement is on a month-to-month basis – no long-term contract. 
  • Our service is highly personalised. Schools have one point of contact – a registered, dedicated Debt Manager.
  • Our computerised system allows immediate downloading of debtors’ information to a school client, at any time. We have the most advanced software and sonic firewall which ensures our off-site staff secure access to our server. Our system has excellent performance monitoring capability and all phone calls made to debtors from our off-site collectors go through our system and are recorded and monitored live.
  • Monthly Progress and Legal Reports are electronically forwarded to school clients.
  • Our Managing Director served a six-year term of office as Chairman of a large High School Governing Body. This exposure has added value to our service delivery and a greater understanding of the environment in which our school clients operate.
  • CeeBee does not close during school holidays and continues to collect throughout the year.
Credit Checks

& Debtor Verification

  • A tracing and background Credit Check service is available as an additional service to Private School clients.
  • Clients can select any or all of three options:
      • Normal credit bureau check
      • Deeds office search
      • Full check – all of the above plus employment verification
  • Schools are making frequent use of this service when new applications to attend the school are submitted.
  • The school’s application form must contain a suitably worded clause in which the parent gives permission for the school and/or its appointed Agent to access his/her Consumer Profile on the database held by the relevant Credit Bureau/s
  • On-enrolment address verification
  • Employment, address and contact verification
  • Deeds search and CIPRO checks

Additional Services

Section 41 Letters
  • Section 41 Final Demand Letters – CeeBee provides a service where we prepare and send out your Section 41 Final Demand letters via Registered email or Registered Mail. The only cost to the school is the actual per Registered email/mail costs. The school is then given a copy of each letter and each Registered receipt showing the Section 41 Final Demand letter was sent.
Exemption Processing
  • Exemption verification – we provide an Exemption Processing Service that includes verification of the information submitted. We then analyse the application on your behalf in terms of the Exemption Regulations and prepare the outcome letter for the School Governing Body to sign off. We also do the requisite control sheets and a statistical report of all your Exemption applications. This service is at a cost.